Skyreach Castle

Skyreach Castle is a flying castle belonging to the cloud giant Blagothkus. It is built around part of an iceberg and it’s walls are made of ice.

Sansuri’s Map

Current Location

  • Near the small village of Parnast, four days flight from Lyn Armaal in the Jelly
  • Sometimes lands in a crater by Parnast, sometimes floats above

Executive Summary

The cloud giant Blagothkus wishes to acquire power and gain the notice of the Allfather, but he’s been slow to come up with a plan. While he dithers, many “guests” have moved into Skyreach Castle, bringing him gifts and proposals to join their causes. As far as Countess Sansuri knows, Blagothkus remains moody and indecisive.

Blagothkus’ Family

  • Eigeron: Blagothkus’ son, whom he murdered when the oracle at the Eye of the All Father predicted greatness for Eigeron and a life of obscurity for his father. Sansuri knew that Eigeron was missing, but didn’t know his father had murdered him until you told her about it.
  • Esclarotta: Blagothkus’ wife. She died many years ago after a long illness, but her spirit is bound to the castle by powerful magic. She controls its movements from her tomb within the iceberg that Skyreach is built around.


  • Dozens of ogre guards
  • Watchtowers with giant crossbows on top
  • Two stone golems guard the portcullis inside the main gateway
  • Landing platforms: There are landing platforms outside some of the larger guest rooms. The outer walls of these rooms will temporarily vanish if touched for one minute.
  • Passwords: “Hail Blagothkus” is the watchword at the main entry gate. The dragon cultists use the shibboleth “Tiamat, our mother and strength.”


The Cult of the Dragon

A delegation led by Wyrmspeaker Rezmir, possessor of the Black Dragon Mask, supported by a cadre of elite “dragonwing” warriors and dozens of kobold servants. Rezmir has persuaded Blagothkus to welcome Glazhael the Cloudchaser, a full-grown white dragon, into a hollowed out chamber in the iceberg. A considerable portion of Glazhael’s horde has been moved in to keep him happy.

Red Wizards of Thay

Rath Modar and Azbara Jos, two powerful human necromancers, are here on behalf of the lichlords of Thay, hoping to recruit Blagothkus for some nefarious scheme.

Stone Giants

Wiglof and Hulda, a stone giant couple, old friends of Blagothkus, are visiting Skyreach. Sansuri thinks they are spies for Thane Kayalithica of Deadstone Cleft, where the stone giants do their dreaming.

Ambassador from Maelstrom

The storm giant knight Bashir has flown from the undersea palace of Maelstrom to entreat Blagothkus’ aid in locating storm giant King Hekaton, who left Maelstrom four months ago and has not been heard from since.

Skyreach Castle

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