Glossary (Curse of Strahd)


  • Vistani man from the camp outside Vallaki
  • Was supposed to be watching children, but slacked on duties, allowing Arabelle’s disappearance to go unnoticed for several hours.


  • Seven-year-old Vistani girl who went missing
  • Daughter of Luvash


  • Along with his brother Luvash, leader of the Vistani camp outside Vallaki
  • Arabelle’s uncle

Aurica Markovia

  • A recurring woman from your visions
  • Leader of a past military campaign against Count Strahd von Zarovich
  • Possibly died in a tower room, as witnessed by Moire in a vision

Baron Vargas Vallakovich

  • Burgomaster of Vallaki
  • Hold lots of festivals to spread happiness
  • Has two mastiffs, Parst and Sheba


  • The name of the land you find yourselves in
  • Apparently also the name of a village somewhere in the land


  • Toymaker in Vallaki
  • Friends with Rictavio
  • Rictavio’s pet monkey piccolo stays with him


  • Older son of Danika and Urwin from the Bluewater Inn

Danika Dorakova

  • Owner of the Bluewater Inn in Vallaki, together with her husband Urwin
  • Her father-in-law has some involvement with the winery that supplies the Inn


  • Coffin maker in Vallaki

Izek Strazni

  • Big man with a monster arm who works for Baron Vargas Vallakovich


  • Middle-aged human man who Hircus saw Tegan try to strangle in a vision

Kasimir Velikov

  • Old elf who remembers Ina from 300 years ago
  • Told Ina about a secret Temple with great treasure and power
  • His ears are mutilated

Luca, Lala and Cappi

  • Three Vistani travelers met on the road
  • Suggested you avoid the “winery” and go to the village of Vallaki
  • Told you where three adventurers had been killed with their gear


  • Along with his brother Arrigal, leader of the Vistani camp outside Vallaki
  • Father of Arabelle

Raven River Crossing

  • Signs point to Krezk, Vallaki and the Wizard of Wines


  • Half-elf traveler met at the Bluewater Inn in Vallaki. Like you, he finds himself trapped in Barovia.


Young woman at the Bluewater Inn in Vallaki. Visiting from Barovia Village, but Ina senses there’s more to her story.

Count Strahd von Zarovich

  • Vampire lord of this land

Szoldar Szoldarovich

A hunter in Vallaki who purchased a dead wolf from Tegan


  • A long-dead woman who was the object of Count Strahd’s obsession


  • a town surrounded by a gated palisade

Baron Vallakovich

  • leader of Vallaki
  • holds many festivals to make everyone happy


  • a talking toad found in the clearing with the three dead adventurers
  • claimed to have been the familiar of one of the adventurers, a Warlock

Vanwandir’s Names for People

  • Double Bacon: Syvis
  • Haskafadoux: frog finder (Ina)
  • Noolabax: Lonely teeth (Hircus)
  • Loopanom: Puzzle box (Moire)
  • Cor lo Tatzi: The bag of peaches (Tegan)
  • Lemon Pony: a member of Vanwandir’s old group who left them and stayed behind in the village of Barovia
  • Sachramenadies: The Powdered Lover (the Lord of this land)
  • Sout-jalopsy: hairy golem (the dead barbarian)
  • Bouch Bader: stump slab (the dead cleric of Talos)
  • Deadbeat Gargoyle: Rictavio, the half-elf staying at the Bluewater Inn in Vallaki
  • Ethereal Pox: Izek Strazni
  • Cold Memory: someone at the Bluewater Inn in Vallaki (they liked “Hairy Golem”)

Vistani Camp (near Vallaki)

  • Alexi
  • Arabelle
  • Arrigal
  • Cappi
  • Kasimir
  • Lala
  • Luca
  • Luvash


  • Young, well-dressed drunkard who spilled his wine outside of the Bluewater Inn

Yelena and Gunther

  • Owners of the Arasek Stockyard in Vallaki


  • aka, The Corpse Star
  • “Trapped in Amber”
  • described as a mysterious and powerful being by the equally-mysterious fortune-telling woman

Glossary (Curse of Strahd)

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