Storm King's Thunder

Loot It or Lam It

Time's running out

Uktar 14, 4:45pm (portal closes at 6pm)

  • Two Llamas goes down into the zoo room to hunt down Blackrazor. She doesn’t come back in time.
  • Back to junction
  • Sad attempt to fool Nox. He summons “Nixette” the fire elemental and epic battle.
  • Nox banishes Val to Mechanus/Nirvana. Wolpercini the spectator gets pulled through the portal by accident and thinks he was summoned to guard something for Nox.
  • Botry tosses too much poison at Nox and he shrinks down to a tiny blue flame that Spleemf bottles.
  • Wolpercini flies off to check on Two Llamas. She’s on the other side of a closed door and says she’s fine and is going to take the “other way” out later.
  • Sansuri accepts _Whelm_from you and says she’ll give you the information about Blagothkus’ flying castle tomorrow morning, after everyone has had a chance to sleep


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