Storm King's Thunder

Bound for Skyreach

Nightal 10, 1481
Cold, snow on the ground

Results of Vidar’s sendings

  • Garael: the mine is starting to make money, but has been coming under sttack by goblins who throw poison cloud bombs. A fanatical Paz cult of gnomes and halflings has set up camp near the mine.
  • Rockseeker Brothers: The flameskull guarding the mine works for them now.
  • Olivine: the Zhentarim continue to fortify their position at the Eye of the Allfather, the ancient giant temple you discovered in the far north. Olivine has been tasked with investigating Eigeron. She thinks that completing his purpose (avenging his death) will allow him to enter the inner chamber of the Oracle, where one may speak with the gods of the giants. The other Zhents are more interested in preparing for the inevitable discovery of the temple by other factions or giants. They would like Blagothkus eliminated to prevent his knowledge of the temple spreading to others.
  • Venomfang: Compliments on your mine. All will be forgiven if Spleemf comes back and helps him speak to Ilma Lackanaugh with the ring.
  • Boots Harpell: The Harpell family is caught up in lengthy debates about whether to intervene in the giant situation, and which giant lord they should endorse if they do. Talk of a mission to Maelstrom beneath the sea (STORM GIANTS) to meet with King Hekaton’s daughter who sits on the throne in his absence. As an Efreet, Nox is from the City of Brass on the Elemental Plane of Fire. Returning there will rejuvenate him. Releasing him from the vial he’s currently in will cause him to quickly vanish and reappear in the City of Brass.
  • Two Llamas Running: She’s fine. She has blackrazor and Dalga. She left the treasure vault and found herself in some strange, dark dimension. She eventually ended up in a “metal fortress” with plant creatures and golems. There’s a large body of water, but it’s self-contained and doesn’t make Dalga happy, so she’s still trying to get back home.
  • Marek: Your former companion, the cleric of Auril, contacted Vidar via sending to say that he’s found his own giant champion: the frost giant Gerti Orelsdottr, also a devotee of the Frostmaiden Auril. They are at the Great Glacier with a small army of frost giants and yetis and will be seeking the Eye of the Allfather..

Item Allocation

  • Vidar’s Hidden Chest has been purchased and stored on the ethereal plane, though it is currently empty.
  • Botry has attuned to the lucky agate you found in the monstrous crab’s treasure chest (+1 to ability checks and saving throws)


  • Voka Margaster tracks you down on the Jelly, accompanied by two devils. She demands Xamlyn Margaster’s spellbook back. You comply but then she casts some spells at you just to “test you” before leaving. She said something about maybe working together some time.
  • Land at a wrecked Zhent outpost near Parnast and walk to town around midnight.
  • Bluff past “The Captain” who seems in charge of dragon cult forces that have taken over the town. You are pretending to be some kind of crazy entertainment troupe (“The Rainbow Dragons”[?]) bound for Skyreach Castle.
  • Walk up the road to Skyreach Castle, which is completely shrouded in fog. You can’t see more than 10’ in front of you. Spleemf fastens his cloak up, because he’s wearing Eigeron’s magic breastplate and Blagothkus could recognize it.
  • There’s actually lots of stuff going on in the castle’s huge lower courtyard. You meet some kobolds transporting cooking pots from the barracks and a human cook named Brunhilda. You overhear a man tell a woman named Lurdys that he just found “Bart’s” dead body. Lots of running around and confusion in the fog. Someone forgot to close the main gate and the guardian golems come to life briefly. Ogres are complaining about human cultists, cultists are complaining about Blagothkus (“If it weren’t for that damned CLOUD GIANT, we could just have this place to ourselves.”)
  • Cef thinks all the fog is caused by the White Dragon that’s taken up residency in the middle of the iceberg Skyreach is built around.
  • Vidar is busy trying to jog his memory for information about what things White Dragon’s especially like.


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