Spleemf Weatheredhat

Revenant gnome warlock of Ah Chapazotz the Earth Serpent, lately Acolyte of Shar


Spleemf’s home:

Whisperfen is on the Southern end of the Lurkwood and, to the untrained eye, looks like a heavily logged area that has been over grown by briars and poisonous brush. This is a very meticulous illusion that the druid gnomes have established over generations both through magic and carful botany a la bonzai like cultivation of the ancient trees. No human logger would show interest in it, but a gnome who knew the correct path through the wall of thorns and poisonous vines would be able to access Whisperfen with its gnarled and ancient trees being trained to grow no taller than the gnomes who live there. .

Paz backstory:

Paz (aka , Ah Chapazotz, which is far too long for Spleemf to bother saying) was once the lord and guardian of the black mountains far to the south (I’m thinking as far as the Andes are from SF sort of distance) and he resided inside Mt Paz. He had lived in harmony with all living things for many millennia, but around 300 years ago the dwarves of the Zweitgal clan had become too greedy mining the black ore from the heart of the mountain and, by the time Paz tried to intervene with magic and the woodland animals, it was too late and the entire mountain collapsed in on itself. This would have killed a lesser guardian spirit, but Paz is ancient and strong. He spent the last 300 years in a rage filled stupor, not even knowing his own name, until he was far too weak to continue existing. What saved him was a strong magical force that he could feed on that came from Whisperfen, a Druid colony of Forest Gnomes. He had always been fond of forest gnomes, but knew none of the Druids would trust a strange spirit.

Spleemf’s Pairing with Paz:

Spleemf comes from a long line of Druid gnomes, but never had the patience nor the desire to go down that path. He was always warned to not trust the spirits in the woods, but after multiple meeting he got to know (and name) Paz – who promised to help him help people, and was in dire need himself. Spleemf agreed to help his new found pal, only to find himself ostracized by the village elders. They gave him a choice: leave his new friend (to suffer and die alone, that can never do!) or to be banished from Whisperfen. Thus our adventure begins, with Spleemf heading southward, and stopping in Neverwinter, towards Paz’s ancient home.

Spleemf Weatheredhat

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